Sunday, September 21, 2008

2day got my resultsT,T

BIOLOGY - 3 papers(2 NA, 1 A)

CHEMISTRY - 4 papers (2 NA, 2 A)

MATHS - 5 papers (3 NA, 2 A)

ENGLISH - 2 essays (1 NA, 1 A)

T>T.......nid PIA leT,T'''

YESTERDAY night~~~

we watched movie in the TV called "the zoo".......

then JAN couldn't 分别 wht is LION n TIGER~~~~


dad sort of disturbed her when the TV is showing a TIGER


DAD : Jeh, is this s LION?

JAN : Ummm, Y-E-S!!!


DAD : I kok ur head ah.......LION n TIGER oso duno how to "BEZA