Tuesday, October 4, 2011


how long has it been since my last post? i cant even remember. besdies, why am i checking back on the blog and yr blog since we both gave up hope on each other? what am i actually thinking? this semester has actually been great... finance, measuring systems II, estimating are all alrite except building services. well, jst thought of what was happening in uni recently, i jst realised our estimating lecturer, a msian, would not like people to contradict him on anything. well, i think he's alrite, he lets us decide on our assignments, lecture times, tests, and many more...

this was wad happened in our first class with him...

Lecturer: hello class i'd like u guys to decide when to have your lectures, what type of assignments you want, when to pass them up and what to do if some1 hands up after due date.

Classmates: do u mean we decide on whatever we want?

Lecturer: yeah. so tell me, on the timetable, it says my classes are 9-12 tuesdays and 9-11 fridays. what do u guys think? having a lecture on tuesdays then tutorials on fris or vice versa?

Classmates: since u said we decide, then NO CLASS!!! woots...

Lecturer: now that is a little more off limits. u guys cannot have no lectures at all.

Classmates: oh well, then lectures on tuesdays and tutorials on fridays...

Lecturer: ok.

Classmates: oh and what do u mean by we decide our own assignments?

Lecturer: tell me what do u guys want for yr assignment? and how many assignments do u guys want?

bla bla bla

after deciding, we decided to have 3 assignments.

Lecturer, oh and what about the due date?

Classmates: the friday before the holiday?

Lecturer: okay that will be the date then.

Classmates: oh and what about extension if some1 were sick or some1 in the family died? bla bla bla

Lecturer, well, as i've said, u guys will decide on that as well... so 1 week? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? any suggestions?

bla bla bla

Classmates: 2 weeks would be good enough

Lecturer: okay so lets set it at 2 weeks then. so what happens if some1 passed up later than that? isit fair to give them a max of only C even though they did work that cud score them an A+ or A?

Classmates: yeah that sounds pretty alrite. oh and *name of lecturer* do we have to apply for the 2 weeks extension?

Lecturer: nope, u grant your own extensions. treat yrselves all as a lecturer and not a student. u grant yr own stuff, u decide what u want.

Classmates: sweet as.

Lecturer: oh and final tests? what do u guys want? more multi choices or short answers?

*time runs out*

Lecturer: oh and not to 4get u guys decide on what type of question will be tested. go home and have a think about it. thanks class

he's pretty lazy huh, but then it's alrite cause he lets us decide on what we want =D