Sunday, January 23, 2011

working days~~~

Sunday, wake up, get to site, mix plaster, carry buckets of 20++ KGs plaster to boss and another uncle for them to put it on wall... get home, rest, bath, beer, watch oss and the uncle bet on horses

Monday, same stuff

Tuesday, again, same stuff

Wednesday, hmmm, same stuff again

Thursday, same old stuff

Friday, same boring routine

Saturday, same old routine

my boss's RULE, WORK HARD, PLAY HARD(horse betting), SMOKE HARD, FUCK HARD(find hooker), DRINK HARD...

well, altho he has few rules, i only did FEW of them, WORK HARD & DRINK HARD... LoLs

todae, had to move packets of plasters up to truck, thn down from truck, and move to anotha builder's truck again, tmr need move them down from his truck at work again... boss stronger thn me, but he only moved 1 bag but told me to move 2 bags at once... 1 bag = 25KG... well, i think my boss sprained his back so cant move so many packs... he told me, this can help u build up yr strength and stamina... =D