Friday, August 20, 2010

it's been ages since i last updated

hmmm... what to say??? this semester has been great... with all the assignments handed in on time...()well, not some of it cos it was the 1st week, so i didnt know and didnt did any) but yeah, life's great, enjoying myself having a fresh new start of my life... oh and guess what??? this blog actually helped me get marks for my assignment... our task was to create a blog @ BLOGGER and then add in posts along with photos and comments... well guess what??? i showed my lecturer this blog and he's like "WHOA u've done heaps"... and weekly tasks was to go to the sch blog and discuss some questions... each week we'll get 2% that goes towards our end of year overall narks... how great that is... oh and i recently started to sell some stuff for my parents on the web and guess what?? i got 31 nzd for selling a baby car seat and currently selling a book bought at a price of 25 and the book currently has gone up to the price of 24 bucks... mum said i cud keep the money for myself... HAPPIE =D