Thursday, March 11, 2010

good to hear u guys de results

to those who scored well, HI-5 & good luck in yr scholarship applying tihng...

and to those who didnt do well, well well well, better try harder whn u get into uni or form 6 or what... cause tht reli will determine yr whole life... now fall down nvm, u just havta climb up and walk normal agian!!!

like me, i used to play much while i wa sin YR 13(NZ lah of course)... thn i scored like SHIT as RESULTS... like out of 20 papers, i FAILED 11 papers... LoL~~~ dont think anyone did better thn me... well, now i just somehow or dunno how got into uni and i even got gf now... so i dont wanna fail myself like my mum said... if i fail, thn she gets to be a doctr, thn me jiu reli lose face... so i'll be sibeh hardworking le... so to those who fell, climb up now... it's nvr too late...

sei lynn lynn... H8 U co su owes read my blog le put comments thn when i reply, u nvr reply back de=.='''... but DW, altho i H8 u, my H8red couldnt be compared to my <3 for u... my <3 for u is like infinite times my h8 towards u... so really feel that i shudnt be H8ing u... <3

Yong a.k.a Gmogu


today u dint take breakfast again!!! and even worst not even lunch!!! i dont knoe why u always do this... mayb cos i owes joke out u're fat ba... i feel bad OKAY? u;re not fat!!! u're not @ all... dont torture yrself bcos of me... i dont like it!!!

u always ask me to "control" u... when i ask u to EAT!!! u DONT listen!!! Y??? Y??? Y??? well, the fact is, i dont wanna control yr life... in fact, i HATE it!!! terribly HATE controlling yr life!!! it's jst like u will have no privacy and stuff... it'll make u miserable... i'm sure u will feel uncomfortable if i keep controlling u... i <3 u so MUCH... but i just dun wanna control yr life... i just COULDNT do it u knoe??? 不忍心... get it???