Saturday, March 13, 2010


this morning, after having breakfast, i had a BLOOD PRESSURE rating using the "machine" thing... guess what??? normal people, shud have their rate readings as 120, 80 and 60++? idk... 1st and 2nd is the blood pumping rate of the heart in n out... 3rd one is the heartbeat rate...

i did 3 trials... so for me, i got my results as 151, 64, and 68... 2nd time was 140, 58, 70... and 3rd time, i got 130, 63, 72... way weird from the "machine"... but well, i think this means i got HBP(High Blood Pressure) right??? so then, mum gave me a packet of "seeds" saying "use 1 teaspoon to 泡水 and drink... keep adding hot water when u drink finish... this will help in lowering yr BP..." so i did as asked... but still cant stop eating CUTTLEFISH!!!

oh and almost forgot, she also asked me "li jie eh scholarship wu lai OTAGO eh borr???" and didnt knoe how to answer, but i said think so... and said she'll be trying to get into DENTISTRY i guess???

afternoon went to take fridge with dad and when back, 1 mins late talking to u... but u came on9 when i smsed u... feel so happie... but very hate myself cause u busy thn still ask u on... but i CANT STOP <3in U... just CANT!!!

well, got to knoe u going back to seri aman... n u also said i'm not your cup of tea right??? but @ least u said i'm yr cup of coffee... another reason why i CANT STOP <3in U!!!

LoL b4 sleep still check BP, it's 139, 65, 75...>.<''' i tiam le lah...

Yong a.k.a Gmogu

gonna sleep soon

now mum kept nagging us(me n chern) to sleep le... today had a video call with u... very happie... but when u had to go out, felt sad... but felt happie too... @ least i knoe u;re gonna have dinner... a PROPER MEAL... u always skip meals but now @ least u;re going to have sth... hope u wont stay up late again tonite as we can chat again tmr... don worry cause on weekends, ic an chat v u... NITES XoxO

Yong a.k.a Gmogu