Monday, March 22, 2010

wtf is wrong with this world???

always say me no chg, i changed... but what's the use of changing??? change le get such ****ing "NICE TREATMENT" huh???

if i changed to be good boy, useful??? i got DUMPed, next, my mum fell off the stairs @ work cause she was too worried that she might not send me to uni on time... chg be gudboy get such treatment huh... but i do sincerely pray to... idk, whoever u're up ther??? why do i get such treatment??? so change is useful??? change le get such payment... so does it mean if i died, none of these wil happen???

just now, after my test, wanted to send u a text... but i knoe, u dont k bout me anymore... send do wad??? let pple scold??? haih... i knoe u dont k bout me le... so dont say u still k... u just keep on hurting me... nvm... xi guan le... everytime i oso kena bully... jst dont make this volcano explode... i can tahan, i tahan, i knt, u c lor...