Thursday, March 18, 2010

today in legal n social evironment of business

hahaha check these photos out...

CHECK IT OUT!!! this girl went on trademe n tried to put her virginity on sold for NZD 45000 to pay her UNI fees... unfortunately, trademe declined her request... ahahaha =.='''

other case is that there's this couple wanted to get married but had a budget to follow and wanted to save $$ on their marriage... then, jiu send email to this wedding planner company... then check out the email they replied... thn lecturer asked what shud the employer do with this worker thn??? CLASS: " fire lah"... LECTURER: "but the prob is that this employee who wrote the letter was boss' wife" ahaha =.='''

and check this out too... GUESS what this BANKER was doing while the news report saying bout interest rate is on... WATCHING PORN!!! ahahaha...

BP rate, 132 57 69... haih... no eat cuttlefish le still like this=.= eat better still can enjoy

<3 u always MY MOGU

Yong a.k.a Gmogu