Tuesday, March 16, 2010


was chatting v u jst now... u were using yr phone... then suddenly, yr line went crazy(what u told me)... i was worried sick as the msn showed u're online but i keep talking to u, u nvr replied... made me worried sick for u... but nvm, as u went online @ 3 35 and explained to me... and u also said oni can use till 5... haih... nvm lah... got 1 hr 30 mins better thn nothing right?

so, today not much happened... was told that next monday got test and next next monday too... maths then accounting... haih... maths easy but acc hard... hate it... but no choice, havta be more hardworking as i don wan u to suffer in that hse le... i wanna bring u away, high n away...

but just now after chatting v u, u said u want to forbid me off9... well, i'll still tou tou on9 in room if can... n probably will go off anytime as if mumm stil using, i can tou her line, if not, sheoff, will dc... so >.< i'll reload my phone bah... haih...

suddenly remembered that mum once asked me "ee ai tak hamik?"
and i said "doctor lorr... tapi ee siang ka si ai ua ki tak dentist."
mum "a neh cho mik ee mai ki otago tak?"
me "wa ma na eh chai? ee siang kasi ti kua king scholarship uu lai jia eh"
mum "ee chu lai bo lui eh orh?"
me "bo lah... ee just mai yiong ee lao bah eh lui."
mum "o..."
then, i thought very deeply, no matter u rich or poor, i dont mind... but i do mind that u're not here studying with me... haih... dunno wad to say...

so, if u read this, dont worry... money matters not bah... haih... just mum asking rand. questions abt U(she too gin tio wan noe her sim bu.. actually i noe mum dont mind if rich or poor...)~~~hahahaha...

mai cibai!!! so beh song now... everyday wan to make me angry... my mood good good de u keep take knife poke me, then i tolerate, u poke AGAIN, and i tolerate AGAIN, then tell u better stop, but u still poke me!!! wan make me HOT nia... 1 day nag like 10 fucking times u not sian??? just cos i yr 13 fail, u keep insul tme... keep say Yong u get shit as results, why still dint hardworking??? i dint meh??? i yr 13 project oni do like 1 week b4... now 1 month b4 do u still say not hardworking... wan me dun even noe wad teacher gib thn jiu start doing??? teacher gib i straight do... not enuf??? mood ben lai good good de... now make me FUCKing angry nia... keep say say say... not tat i dint listen... i do project whole nite, do till no more points in my head, i go watch movie 15 mins relax, u say me purposely wait u in room, tou tou watch movie... WTF??? its all just coincidence ok??? i promise can in UNI, now me not in uni??? but u say "u in that UNI cos u no other choices..." my ass lah, i in cos i 1st place alr say wan QS... i yr 13 alr keep say wan Qs, it's cos too far so i dun wan travel... but u say it in diff point of view??? FAROUT MAN... SLEEP le lah... XoxO

but still, when u say "DONT ANGRY THEM FOR ME OKAY?" i just couldnt bear not listening to u... haih... is this LOVE??? i just dun wna u HURT bcos of me... haiz...

Yong a.k.a Gmogu