Sunday, March 28, 2010

in uni now~~~

haih... jst now, 10am-11am, had a maths lecture, thn now nid wait here 2 hrs till my next lecture @ 1pm-2pm=.= thn nid wait another 4 hours until 6pm for my accounting test till 8pm... how boring can that be??? hiding in the library as it is very COLD outside... haih~~~

tiring day

whole body ache cause of ytd nite's ice skating...

Haih...1 week after yr presence isnt felt by my side...dono I shud b happie or sad...anyways...yp will miss u cause everytime while i'm waiting for her to on, u always pei me to get over tat boredom...TQ...hope u enjoy yrself in NS...

tmr having acc am nid go sch for lectures, till 2 6.15 test...till 8...So guess that 4 hrs time cant go home thn...cause to get home nid 1 hr 30, get back uni 1 hr 30...So if middle got 4hrs, minus 3 get 1 hr at home btr stay in uni...wish me LUCK