Sunday, March 7, 2010

after reading many blogs

really feel that i'm DUMB and done stupid stuff... well i read YR blog n u said u dont worry bout me... if u dont worry bout me, u wouldnt be typing stuff bout me right??? so that means u do care bout me... i knoe that and yet i still made u feel bad... i gave a bad impression to yr sister until she wanted u to not put having a rltnshp with me on fb... really feel ashamed of what i've done... anyways gtg now... gonna have a tutorial ltr...

i dont wish for yr 4giveness, but i only wishes for yr time to c that ther's still GOOD in me... and this SMALL GOOD in me, will surely grow from a SMALL seed into a HUGE tree overwhelming the BAD in me... just wanna say that ther's still HOPE in me and i hope u understands it... <3 u

<3 Yong a.k.a Gmogu