Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4get say sth oso

my adsense acc knt approbe so shyty,

& wan sleep le.....so laaate le~~~~

stil got sth wan say de dun rmb wad le........

oh......yin, why owes no tok to me de??

u all owes tok to kc n kj.......but u sure no c my blog de la........

and i oso stil thinking of wad to type~~~

2day reli juz now rmb le........but 4get jor...........

duno why, oh rmb le.........mum n dad 2nites juz gave us a "talk" on the studies for us,

os thy say thy r 过来人 so thy say study here sure 100% better thn m'sia and also say

if got chance my frens all in m'sia oso wil go study elsewhere n 4get us de???

is tht true???~.~

2 特斯提s(testis):

Unknown said...

My own thinking ^^ . Study depand, If want to work in factory, certificate maybe important for entering to work. If want to know more and master in study, Anyplace is almost the same, Of course USA, UK,Japan will be better then Malaysia, Because of the lecturer here really poor of knowledge, Less source and study material. The more important is if just want to get certificate , anyplace is almost same, if wanna to master the subject as designer or inventor or researcher, need to study more more book.

My suggestion of the way i study the book, I did study alot of book with finish any of them.

I have approximately 10 book of Microprocessor, X86, Z80, 6502, 8085,6809..etc but i never finish them, I have alot chinese vacuum tube radio book, also never finish them..

I just bought 2 nice book Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory - Robert L. Boylestad Louis Nashelsky and Electronic Communication System -Blake at 2nd shop and 1 Digital Signal Processing .. :-) going to play about RF stuff soon ^^

Just read more technical book as read comic, then can easily master , if possible do experiment, If you take engineering :-)

Unknown said...

Sorry misstake , I did study alot of book without Finish any of them.
This is my high school physics sir told us, Scientist never finish reading any of their book :-)