Friday, December 12, 2008

EATing PISAR nw~~~~

oh YA, wwrong is BLOGging whole eanjoying PISAR now!!!

morning same routine, 8-9 am wake up, play games until late 1-2 am,


2day I 1 pm go find JOB ask the RESTAURANT manager for a job, he asks me,

:" whatever jobs you would also do right??""even washing the dishes?"

GUESS what??

I said YES!!!!

then, MOM brought use to get some BURGERs for our lunch.......

and now, just came HOME from watching chern performming the rehersal for "COCA-COLA X-MAS in the PARK"!!!!

then, dad asks us whether we wan to have some PISAR or not??

and i said YES.......

wow, all i did 2day was go out, EAT , play GAME, and SLEEP later~~~~

HAIH, how bored do ya think NZ wil be??

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