Monday, March 1, 2010


i looked @ u b4 going back to NZ, as i want to have the last look of yr FACE... i knoe u do wanna PULL onto me NOT LETTTING me GO as u want me to stay behind and u just cant face the SELFISHNESS in yrself... DONT FEEL BAD as i myself wanted to stay behind with u, loving u as much as u loved me, giving u the CARE as u gave me... but i knoe u wanted to let me OUT OF THE CAGE, lemme FLY LIKE A BIRD FLYing free in the SKY HEALED from INJURIES... but when i'm FREE, i'm still gonna MISS the care u took for me... and i didnt wanna be MEAN not looking @ u REMEMBERING the FACE of the SAVIOUR who HEALED my WOUNDS when i got HURT...

reli feel sad when pple talk bout religious things to me... ='{ i do believe in every god that people believes but i dont reli get things down too deep... hope u understand... it doesnt mean i'll stop loving u... i'll NEVER EVER STOP <3ing u... but it means i'll KEEP loving u NO MATTER what problems i FACED...

called u again today, CANT STOP MISSING yr SOUND... really happie to hear yr sound... and hearing u say I LOVE U to me, but i always knoe no MATTER HOW in love we r, ther's still always a barrier in between us... i really do hope that barrier would be like a piece of glass, easily smashed even with my FISTS... or the barrier would be like THIN AIR, which COULD NEVER STOP US loving each other...

it's also quite late and i'll havta get in bed as i'll be needing to wake up early tmr... dont 4get that I ALWAYS LOVE U... no matter how many times i said it, i knoe it wouldnt be enough...

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ZzlynlynzZmushroom said...

Love u too~ tat's really wad i realised i seldom say and cant stop saying it after u left cos honestly, deep in my heart core, i'm scared that u cant feel it...

i HATE myself!!! said...

LoL... i can.. ir eally can.. THANK U so MUCH...<3 U